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A Better Way to Collect Money for the Classroom

A few years ago my teaching partner and I put a stop to the Nickel and Dime Cycle in our classrooms. You know what I'm talking about. The note that goes home saying
 "We are working on a special holiday craft… please contribute $2." 

Six weeks later, that note is followed by another note explaining that
"We would like to order a magazine subscription for each student in the class… please send in $5," and throughout the year, the notes requesting money for special events continue to be sent to classroom parents.

The pattern of continually requesting money from parents was daunting and inconvenient for the teachers and the parents, so my teaching parter and I devised a better way to collect money for all of our Kindergarten special events and materials.
A Better Way to Collect Money for the Classroom
We spoke with our principal and decided to charge a one-time Kindergarten fee. We collect a set amount from each family at the beginning of the school year, make very clear how the money benefits their children and also clearly explain the type of expenses that are NOT covered by the fee (usually field trips and special school-wide collections). Once the money is collected, our school bookkeeper handles payments out of the account for us and we keep track of our expenses with a simple spreadsheet to ensure that we do not spend more than was collected.

A Better Way to Collect Money for the Classroom

I will walk you through suggestions for starting your own classroom or grade-level fee, points to consider, and how to handle parents that cannot afford the added expense.
DISCLAIMER: This is something that works for the parents and students at my school, which serves upper-middle class families. The fee fits into the vast majority of family budgets at my school. Since I teach at a private school, I cannot create funding projects on Donors Choose. If you work in a public institution that serves underprivileged families, a grade-level fee will probably not work for you and I highly recommend seeking funding from Donors Choose.

Special Items that are Funded by My Kindergarten Fee

My teaching partner and I request that all families pay a $25 Kindergarten Fee. We budget that money very carefully to make it last all year and make sure that students get the maximum amount of resources from the fee. So what exactly does the fee cover? The list is EXTENSIVE.

1. Kindergarten T-Shirts

Each year we order a set of class t-shirts. Last year's t-shirts came from and they were a HUGE hit! We received so many compliments on these adorable t-shirts from staff and parents all year long.

adorable kindergarten class t-shirts

2. Magazine Subscriptions

Each child in the class receives a subscription to National Geographic Young Explorer Magazine. Throughout the year, students receive 7 issues of the magazine. They are right on-level for my little readers and are loaded with fascinating articles and beautiful photos. My students are always excited when the newest issue arrives. As an added bonus, previous issues of the magazine are available for anyone to view online for FREE.

National Geographic Young Explorer Magazine

3. Christmas Parent Gifts

The gifts that students create for their parents are often funded through the Kindergarten Fee money. The exact gift often changes from year-to-year, but previous gifts have included framed water color paintings of Christmas trees and a keepsake CD with each child in the class reciting the lyrics to popular christmas songs.

framed watercolor Christmas tree painting… such a sweet parent gift!

4. Q and U Wedding

Each year we add a fun twist to our alphabet study - the letters Q and U get married. We have a ceremony and reception (complete with cake, decorations, and music!) A portion of the Kindergarten Fee funds this annual silly celebration.

celebrate a Q and U wedding in your kindergarten classroom

5. Mother's Day Tea Party

A big tradition at my school (over 20 years in the making) is the annual Mother's Day Tea Party that we throw to honor the moms of the kindergarten students. Each year we replenish the party supplies and purchase materials to make a sweet gift for the moms.

Mother's Day Tea Party ideas to celebrate Mother's Day in the classroom

6. Graduation Sashes

Graduation is final big event for our Kindergarten students. We have a sweet & simple ceremony and order each student in the class a custom graduation sash as a keepsake. The remaining portion of the Kindergarten Fee covers this final expense.

custom sashes for kindergarten graduation

Tips for Successfully Launching a Class Fee

Let's face it. For many families, $25 is a lot of money. While I truly believe that it is a small price to pay for all of the materials that are funded by the collection, I don't want parents to be upset by the amount of the fee. Especially when I know that previous classroom families paid the same amount of money for special classroom materials (just in smaller doses). So I always take special measures to ensure that parents are fully-informed about the fee in a way that hopefully will not be too upsetting. Here are a few tips I have learned along the way. 

Tell Parents About the Fee in Person

If you have the option of informing parents about the fee face-to-face or with a note sent home, always choose to deliver the news in person. I begin collecting money shortly after school begins in the fall when most wallets are still feeling the pain from shopping for school supplies. I explain the kindergarten fee to the families at Parent Night during the second week of school and I have found that most parents appreciate my direct candor. 

Explain the Reasons for a Class Fee

If you are considering the launch of a grade level fee, you probably have a good reason for doing so. Explain to parents why you feel a need to implement a class fee. In my case, I clearly explain that previous families were paying this same amount over the course of the year. It was inconvenient for the parents and myself. With a class fee, parents only have to pay money one time and it is one less thing they have to worry about through the school year. 

Show Parents What their Students will Receive in Return

Assure families that their fee money will come directly back to the students. I always have extra samples on-hand of some of the goods that their child will receive throughout the year. Since I have purchased the same type of materials each year, this task is easy for me. I display my own class t-shirt, a graduation sash from a previous year and an extra copy of National Geographic Young Explorer Magazine. 

If you don't have sample products on-hand, you can always show a quick slideshow with photos of the items their child will receive. It truly makes a difference in parent perception of a class fee. 

In my classroom, the Kindergarten Fee also funds our Mother's Day Tea Party and parent Christmas gifts. Since the details of those items are intended to be a surprise for parents, I don't display artifacts or photos from previous gifts or tea party decorations. Those events merely receive a quick mention. 

Inform Parents of Items that are Not Included in the Fee

Some families may naturally assume that a one-time fee will cover EVERY expense throughout the school year. Clearly state that some events are not  included in the grade level fee. Examples from my own classroom include yearbooks, field trips, and school-wide collections (such as our monthly bagel day).

Be Sensitive to each Family's Financial Limitations

Back to school is an expensive time of year for families. After stocking up on new clothes and school supplies, there may not be very much money left in the budget for families to suddenly shell out an extra $25 for the classroom. Be sensitive to this fact. I always give parents a full month to pay the fee for my classroom. Given enough notice (two complete pay cycles) to start saving, families will feel more comfortable and less overwhelmed by the news of paying an unanticipated classroom fee. 

For some families, the money simply does not exist in their budget at this time. It may never exist in their budget. Especially if the parents have twins or triplets in the same grade level. It's important to be sensitive to those family's needs as well. Make it clear that the fee is not mandatory and that families are welcome to privately contact you if they are unable to pay the classroom fee. (In which case, their child would still receive all of the materials - the class budget would just be slightly smaller). 

Put it in Writing

Draft a letter about your upcoming fee to classroom parents. I usually send the note home the same night as my parent presentation. Copy the note on brightly colored paper so it is not easily overlooked. Families are more likely to remember and pay the fee in a timely fashion if your letter grabs their attention. 

Don't copy the note on red paper - red is an aggressive color :)

Convenience Pays Off

Make it as easy as possible for parents to pay your grade level fee. Staple a pre-labeled envelope directly to your letter explaining the fee. Include the amount of the fee, due date, and a space for the child's name on the envelope. Make sure the envelope also clearly states that it is for the classroom fee. 

Free Printables to Get You Started

Are you ready to institute a yearlong fee in your classroom? You can download a sample fee letter from my own classroom and labels to get you started from my TpT store. Both items are Word documents so you can easily edit the pages to fit your own needs.

A Better Way to Collect Money for the Classroom

Do you collect money from parents during the school year? Leave a comment with your best tricks of the trade. I would love to read them! 

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Stitch Fix 9 was Awesome! (And a Giveaway)

My 9th shipment from Stitch Fix arrived last week and oh-my-word was it a good one! This was actually my favorite fix so far. (Spoiler alert: I decided to keep all of the clothes!) With fabrics and colors this gorgeous, I couldn't possibly return any of it. I have so many wonderful photos to share with you today, as well as a really great giveaway. 

Check out this blogger's autumn "fix" from Stitch Fix!
If you're new to Stitch Fix, keep on reading!
I promise to tell you all about how this amazing service works at the end of the post :)

Check out this blogger's autumn "fix" from Stitch Fix!

The first item I tried on was this gorgeous Lydia Floral Print Key-Hole Blouse. I loved the rich colors and this blouse will be a wonderful addition as my wardrobe transitions from summer to fall and I get ready to go back to school. 

blue keyhole floral print blouse from Stitch Fix

The Lydia blouse was a perfect fit. I love the keyhole detail and vertical stripe down the center of the top. It's unique and oh-so-feminine.  

blue keyhole floral print blouse and Kensie bootcut jeans from Stitch Fix

I took my stylist's advice and paired the keyhole blouse with the Malin Bootcut jeans from Kensie which were also included in my fix. 
Kensie bootcut jeans from Stitch Fix

The jeans fit PERFECTLY around the waist and in the back. 

Kensie bootcut jeans from Stitch Fix

I wanted to play with the gorgeous colors of the blouse's floral print as I start to prepare my wardrobe for the change of seasons; so I added a chartreuse 3/4 sleeve cardigan from my closet, my black Fossil watch and my Lovestruck Tieks. I love everything about this outfit!

blue keyhole floral print blouse, chartreuse cardigan, and Kensie bootcut jeans from Stitch Fix

The jeans are great, but I can't usually wear denim to school. To make the ensemble a little more kindergarten teacher-appropriate, I swapped the chartreuse for a similar tan sweater, my J.Crew Pixie pants (a fall wardrobe ESSENTIAL), and some brown riding boots. 

gorgeous blue floral print blouse from Stitch Fix

The complete ensamble was comfortable, stylish, and work-appropriate! 

floral blouse, tan sweater, pixie pants from J Crew and brown boots = LOVE

Next up was the Bowie Solid Dolman Sleeve Top in a vibrant coral/orange. I do not own any orange clothing and I was immediately drawn to this color. It was just so different from everything else in my closet. 

gorgeous orange dolman sleeve sweater from Stitch Fix

I kept the Pixie pants and boots on for this outfit and just traded the blouse for the Dolman top. When paired with a few simple gold necklaces, the ensemble was perfectly laid back and fashionable. 

gorgeous orange dolman sleeve sweater from Stitch Fix dressed up with leggings, boots, and gold necklaces
gorgeous orange dolman sleeve sweater from Stitch Fix dressed up with leggings, boots, and gold necklaces

My stylist also included a Jalie Denim Jacket from Liverpool Jeans in the fix. Denim is the perfect layer to many of my outfits because it goes with everything, and provides just a little extra warmth without adding a lot of bulk. 

Liverpool brand stretch denim jacket from Stitch Fix

I added the Jalie denim jacket right on top of my orange dolman top. This particular jacket has much more stretch than the two denim jackets I already own. It was unbelievable comfortable to wear over a long sleeve top. 

denim, orange sweater, leggings, gold neckace = LOVE  #StitchFix 

I am not a fan of cool temperatures, but this outfit instantly put me in the mood for a pumpkin latte and a day of apple picking!

denim, orange sweater, leggings, gold necklace, brown boots = LOVE  #StitchFix

The final item in my fix was the Rhianna Scoop Neck Gathered Maxi Dress. My stylist must really want to see me in deep blue clothing because this was nearly the same shade as the Lydia keyhole blouse and the fit and flare dress that arrived in my 6th fix.

gorgeous blue maxi dress with a gathered waist #StitchFix

I don't often wear jersey dresses or anything with a scoop neck, but this dress was a winner. The front and back featured a panel with gathered fabric. This helped draw attention away from those "problem areas". When paired with my cropped denim jacket, this outfit was a perfect to wear as warm September days turn to cooler evenings. 

gorgeous blue maxi dress with denim and pearls #StitchFix

The Breakdown

So there you have it! 
All five items included in my most recent fix were gorgeous and fit like a dream. 
I decided to keep each piece. 

Lydia Floral Print Key-Hole Blouse, $68 KEEP
Malin Bootcut Jean, $98 KEEP
Bowie Solid Doman Sleeve Top, $58 KEEP
Jalie Denim Jacket, $88 KEEP
Rhianna Scoop Neck Gathered Maxi Dress, $74 KEEP

 Check out this blogger's autumn "fix" from Stitch Fix!

How Stitch Fix Works

If you love all of these great clothes, but are wondering how Stitch Fix works, let me fill you in! Stitch Fix is an online personal styling service for women. To get started, simply complete a free style profile on the website. When you are ready, you can schedule a "fix" and you will be connected with a personal stylist. She will hand-pick five items she thinks will be a perfect fit for your figure, sense of style, and budget. The service costs only $20 and includes free shipping. 

When your fix is ready, the clothes are shipped direct to your door so you can try them on in the comfort of your own home. You have three days to try the items on and decide which clothes and accessories you wish to keep.  Simply ship back the items you don't want in the pre-paid shipping envelope (returns are also free). If you choose to keep any of the items, your $20 styling fee is deducted from the price of your clothes. 

Once your selections are made, check out online and give feedback on each garment. Your stylist will use the feedback to provide an even better fix next time! 

Buy All Discount

One of my favorite things about Stitch Fix is that if you choose to purchase all of the clothes in your fix, your order is automatically discounted 25%. Since I bought all of the clothes in my fix, I saved $91.50! The fix cost me $274.50 instead of $366 (which would have been the price without a discount.)  This is the second time I have bought my entire fix. (You can read all about the first time I bought it all in this blog post.)

Have you tried Stitch Fix yet? If not, you need to to read this blog post!

Stitch Fix Giveaway

Now that you have seen MY latest fix, how great would it be if you won a fix of your own? I am giving away a $20 Stitch Fix gift card that will allow you to try out the service and schedule a fix risk-free. 

Enter to Win a Stitch Fix Gift Card!

Use the Rafflecopter below for your chance to WIN! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

You also want to stop by A Differentiated Kindergarten for another chance to win! Marsha just enhanced her back-to-school wardrobe with Stitch Fix and is also giving away a $20 gift card!

Check out More Fixes

Want to see more photos from my fixes? You can read all about my previous Stitch Fix shipments. If you're new to Stitch Fix and want to give it a try, please consider signing up using my referral link (included throughout this post). I receive a small credit each time someone signs up using my link, which helps me continue to fund and share this type of blog post.

Pin Your Favorite Pieces

Did you love a particular garment or style in my photos? You can your favorite pieces with your stylist and request more items of a particular style. Just pin any thing that you love to your style Pinterest Board and add the board link to your Stitch Fix Style Profile. Happy pinning! 

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Earn Even MORE Cash for Your School With Shoparoo

Have you heard the news? Shoparoo is my favorite way to earn cash for my school and now the free iPhone and Android app has even more amazing features to support your school! The app also has a whole new look. 

Don't worry though, all of the basic features that you love are still there. The new version just has a LOT more ways for your school to earn some extra cash. Prepare to be amazed!

Painlessly earn CASH for your school with the new and improved Shoparoo app!

Kinder-Craze fans first learned about my great love for Shoparoo in this blog post a few months ago. You can read all about it, but basically Shoparoo allows users to painlessly earn cash for their school by  snapping a quick photo of their shopping receipts. That's it! Shoparoo keeps track of all receipts linked to your school and sends a check at the end of the school year. It's like box tops, but better because there is no counting, clipping, or shipping involved. It truly is painless. 

The New and Improved Shoparoo App

Here is a quick peek at the new look of Shoparoo. I will walk you through each of the screens step by step so you can see all of the new features.  
Painlessly earn CASH for your school with the new and improved Shoparoo app!
Once you have downloaded the FREE Shoparoo app, you can quickly set up an account and select the school you wish you support. The app's home screen provides and overview of how many Roo Points your school has earned so far this year. If you scroll down, the home screen also shows who has earned the most points in your grade level this month. 

That's right… Shoparoo now lets members designate a grade level. The grade level feature allows schools to boost motivation by setting up competitions between grade levels. I teach in a private school and jean days are a powerful motivational tool at my school. Imagine how many more scans our school would receive if students asked all of their relatives to join in the cause and scan their receipts to help their class earn an extra jean day!

Painlessly earn CASH for your school with the new and improved Shoparoo app!
The Shoparoo app provides an overview of the top earners for the entire school, as well as within your designated grade level. Users that don't wish to make their data public to the school have the option to sign up as "anonymous" users. 

Painlessly earn CASH for your school with the new and improved Shoparoo app!

Scanning receipts is still easy in the new Shoparoo app. Use your phone's camera and take a photo of your receipt in the app and push the "Snap" button. If your receipt looks good, push the "done" button when you are finished. It's that simple!  

Painlessly earn CASH for your school with the new and improved Shoparoo app!

Start Scanning Non-Grorcery Receipts

The new Shoparoo is no longer limited to grocery receipts. You can now scan receipts from restaurants, department stores, hardware stores, even fast food chains. As long as you have an itemized receipt with a time and date stamp, you can scan it! 

Non-grocery receipts are sort of like bonus receipts in the system. These receipts do not earn Roo points, but they are entered into Shoparoo's monthly sweepstakes to earn $1,000 in cash for your school. Each month, Shoparoo will choose a new winner from the non-grocery receipt entries. You can see photos from sweepstakes winners if you follow Shoparoo on Instagram. I REALLY want my school to win one of those giant checks.  

You can also follow Shoparoo on Facebook and Twitter!

The Shoparoo app allows users to easily see how many sweepstakes entries your school has earned this month. 

Painlessly earn CASH for your school with the new and improved Shoparoo app!

Check the Status of Your Scanned Receipts

You an always check the status of your receipt scans in the Shoparoo app. The little cart beside the receipt total indicates that it is a grocery receipt that earned Roo Points. The little blue ticket icon shows that this receipt serves as a sweepstakes entry. 

Painlessly earn CASH for your school with the new and improved Shoparoo app!

Earn Shoparoo Bonus Points

There are even more ways to earn extra Roo Points to support your school. Just tap the little "earn" tab at the bottom of the screen. Sometimes you can scan the barcode from a particular product you recently purchased to earn extra Roo Points. There are also quick survey opportunities (each survey is about 5 questions long and only takes 2 minutes to complete) and you can earn extra points by connecting Shoparoo to your facebook account to earn extra cash for your school.

Plus, if you upload a receipt for 5 consecutive weeks, you can start earning +5 extra Roo Points per receipt as a frequent user BONUS. 

Refer Your Friends

Want to earn some extra points in a big hurry? 
Invite your friends to join Shoparoo

You earn 150 Roo points each time someone signs up using your link. I embedded my own referral link in my previous blog post and earned 3,000 extra points for my school! You might not have a blog, but you do have email and facebook. Go ahead and invite your friends. You will earn 150 points for each person you refer and that person will automatically earn 100 points for their school just for signing up. It's win-win! 

Painlessly earn CASH for your school with the new and improved Shoparoo app!

Referring your friends is easy. You can email or text them right through the app. Or, you can use word of mouth to tell them about the app and provide your friends with your personal referral code. Just click on the "invite friends" button in the "earn" screen to get your personal referral code or contact friends through the app. 

Be The First to Support Your School and Earn $10

Shoparoo has extended a very special offer for Kinder-Craze fans that are pioneer supporters of their school. If you are the very first member of your school community to sign up for Shoparoo, you can earn $10 immediately for your school (that's the equivalent of 5,000 Roo Points!). Just use the code KINDER100 when you create your account. Download the Shoparoo app from iTunes or Google Play and push the "I Have a Code" button when the app opens. 

Painlessly earn CASH for your school with the new and improved Shoparoo app!

If people at your school already have an account, don't worry. You won't be able to scoop up the $10 bonus, but you will earn 100 Roo Points automatically just for signing up.
Painlessly earn CASH for your school with the new and improved Shoparoo app!

Are you ready to start earning money for your school? 
Download the Shoparoo app and start scanning receipts today! 

If your school already uses Shoparoo to use the raise money, I would love to hear from you. Leave a comment and share your story! 

Friday, August 15, 2014

Back to School Organization with Avery Products, FREE Binder Covers and a GIVEAWAY

Gearing up for back to school is hard work and it can be seriously stressful. Especially when papers are getting thrown your way all day long. I have a ton of forms, lists, procedural instructions, assessment paperwork and other important information that flows into my classroom for weeks! It all starts with staff meetings and professional development before school begins and it lasts throughout the entire school year. This year I vow to have control over every single important piece of paper. I will know exactly where each important piece of paper is filed for quick easy, and stress-free access at a moment's notice. You can do the same with a little help from Avery products and some really cute FREE editable binder covers from yours truly. 

FREE editable binder covers

When Avery contacted me this summer to share organizational tips and inspiration using their products, I was thrilled. You already know how obsessed I am with Avery labels. I also use their binders, dividers, and binder pockets for quick access to all my essential school documents. Avery generously sent a boatload of materials my way to get started and I went right to town! 

My shipment included several different colors of Avery's Clear Cover Durable View Binders. I like this binder style because they are durable enough to hold up in my kindergarten classroom. I also adore the bright colors! 

FREE editable binder covers

Class Information Binder

Let's begin with my "Class Information" binder. This binder is like my second bible. I have it with me at school each day and I carry it home every night. It contains all of my student contact information, schedules, parent volunteers, calling tree information, and so much more. Organizing this binder was my first priority.
This binder is essentially separated into two parts: school information and student information. I used Avery's 11200 Style Edge Insertable Plastic Dividers. I flip through these pages often and I needed something durable that would hold up for a few year's worth of flipping. I love these dividers because they are made of a lightweight translucent plastic. These will hold up much better than traditional paper dividers. I also love the rounded style of the divider labels and their beautiful bright colors. 

Creating the labels for my dividers was easy with Avery Templates. I was able to design my labels with just a few clicks using their free, Mac-friendly online software.  
tips to help teachers stay organized

The second part of my Class Information binder is dedicated to information about students. I send home a student questionnaire during the first week of school. This form contains parent contact information, allergies information, special family circumstances, and more. I separate this section of my binder by student using Avery's 11129 Ready Index Durable Table of Contents Dividers. These numbered dividers are AWESOME. Like so many teachers, I assign a number to each of my students. That child's information is stored below the corresponding numbered divider. 

teacher organization for back to school

FREE editable binder coversBe Prepared for Extra Practice

When I notice that one student is struggling with a skill or concept that the rest of the class has mastered, I often assign that child extra practice as a homework assignment. The homework isn't intended to be punitive and the last thing I want to do is bog down a struggling student with too much work. Often, these extra practice sheets are just a half page long so the student can gain some quick practice, then get back to enjoying childhood.

I keep all of these half sheets of paper organized using one of Avery's Protect & Store mini binders. It is half the size of a regular binder (only 5.5x8.5") and is the perfect way to store all of those pre-printed half sheets of paper for easy access to my extra practice pages. 

FREE editable binder covers

At my school, proper handwriting formation is a part of the curriculum. If I notice that a child routinely struggles with the same letter, I send home a half sheet of paper with a little extra practice. I go through many of these half sheets in a week, so I have them all prepped and stored in one of my Avery mini-binders. I used Avery's 16180 Write-On Plastic Dividers to separate the binder by letter for quick access. Now if I see that a child needs to work on a certain letter, I can move the practice page out of my binder and into a child's folder within a matter of seconds. 

teacher tips to stay organized this school year

FREE editable binder covers

Easy Assessment Organization

Assessment is a big part of any teacher's life. For Kindergarten teachers, assessments are what we do. I have a separate binder completely dedicated to my student assessments. I use a 1.5" binder, but I usually have a small class (only ten students last year). Most teachers would probably need a 2" or 3" binder to hold all of their assessment materials. 

In the front of my assessment binder, I once again used Avery's 11129 Ready Index Durable Table of Contents Dividers to create a section for each student within the binder. The set goes up to 31, but I only use 11 of them since I have 11 students enrolled in my class this year.

organize your student assessment tools and data… great tips

Recording sheets for all of my assessments are included behind each students' tab. 

tips to stay organized this school year

The back of my binder contains the materials I use to assess my students. I print all of these materials on cardstock and laminate them so they last through frequent reuse. Avery's 16179 Durable Write-On Plastic Dividers with Pockets were perfect for this task. The plastic pockets are durable and hold all of my materials. I can quickly pull them out without having to open and close the rings on my binder. Every minute counts when I am running assessments and I love how convenient the pockets are. 

great tips for organizing student assessment tools and data

Are you looking to start your own assessment binder but don't know where to begin? 
Here are a few FREE resources from some of my favorite bloggers:

Mandy's Dolch Pre-Primer Word Assessment Pack from A Special Kind of Class
Simply Kinder's Monster Data Book

My assessment sheets are created around my school's kindergarten report card. If you are looking to revamp your schools' report card, this FREE report card template from DeeDee Wills is a great place to start. 

Quick and Easy Access to School Forms

If your school is anything like mine, you probably have a form for EVERYTHING. I gathered copies of the forms I use most often and organized them into an entire binder dedicated to managing all of them. 

FREE editable binder covers

For this project, I used Avery's 81824 Two Pocket Insertable Plastic Dividers. Master copies of each form were placed within the corresponding labeled pocket, and additional copies are stored behind the pocket. I never want to write on my last blank form. By placing master copies in the pockets, I can always be certain that I won't use my master copy by mistake.

tips for organizing all of those school forms

Download Free Editable Binder Covers

Now that you have been treated to a little organizational inspiration, I'm sure you are eager to start organizing all of that paperwork in your classroom so you can start the new school year on the right foot. Get organized in style with my FREE Editable Binder Covers. This freebie includes all of the binder covers I used in my own classroom, coordinating spines, and an editable PowerPoint file. This allows you to design matching covers and spines for all of your classroom needs.

FREE binder covers and coordinating spines to get you organized for Back to School

Click the cover image below to download your FREE Binder Covers!
FREE binder covers and coordinating spines to get you organized for Back to School

Avery Products Giveaway

I have even MORE great news to share with you!
You can enter to WIN some great organizational goodies from Avery.
a Rafflecopter giveaway
*This was a sponsored blog post. I received products and compensation from Avery.
As always, this post reflects my 100% honest opinion :)

FREE binder covers and coordinating spines to get you organized for Back to School

Which Avery products are your favorite to use in the classroom?

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