Monday, March 26, 2012

Best. Shoes. Ever.

One of these days I really am going to wear a pedometer to work. I just KNOW that I must walk at least 3 miles a day while I'm at school. So I feel particularly happy at the end of the day when my feet don't hurt. Every teacher should own a cute pair of flats from Anne Klein Sport. I already own 3 (black, fun blue and purple print, and leopard print). They are THE most comfortable shoes I own. Right from day one, I could wear them all day with bare feet and still have happy feet at night when I finally kicked off my shoes for the day. No blisters. No tired feet. Nothing.

It's like a flower garden for your feet!
I was scouring the internet looking for cute shoes and I just found pair #4. Payday is only a few days away and I can't wait to slip my feet into these lovelies.

Update: Just found THESE on Amazon for $30.14. Such a great bargain and I am LOVING the patent leather look. I'm an affiliate of Amazon, so feel free to click the image and I will direct you to the straight to the site.

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