Sunday, March 25, 2012

Kinesthetic & Auditory Learning Fun With Color Words

Thank goodness for Dr. Jean! Her songs are so catchy, it's impossible for my kiddos NOT to learn something new. I particularly love the song "Color Farm" on Dr. Jean's Sing to Learn album. Well, personally I don't love it because I can never quite get the song out of my head, but my kids love it and they learn to read and spell their color words so FAST when I play this song for them.

Learning a new song and singing along is great for my auditory learners, but my visual and kinesthetic kinders need a little bit more than just a catchy song for the new words to really click and leave an impression on them. Fortunately, kpmdoodles had some great farm-themed clip art. So, I created an activity booklet and poster set inspired by "Color Farm."
Emergent Reader and poster set to teach color words $4

'Colors' Interactive Farm book Emergent Reader and coordinating poster set, $4
'Colors' Farm Booklet and Coordinating Posters

Teaching with the Booklet

Each page of the booklet features a predictable sentence that names a color and an farm animal referenced in the song (1 for each of the 8 color words). The color word for each animal is missing, this is where the meaningful task comes in to play. Each time a new color word is learned, distribute the new color word to students. Have students color with appropriate colored crayon, then cut letters apart on the dotted lines, mix the letters up, unscramble, and glue letters in correct order on corresponding page in booklet. The animal can also be colored to match the completed sentence.

Have students color each color-word

interactive emergent reader to teach sight words

Students cut out the letters and mix them up

interactive emergent reader to teach sight words

Unscramble and glue in proper order on booklet paper

interactive emergent reader to teach sight words

Completed booklet pages

interactive emergent reader to teach sight words

The Posters

Interactive Sight Word Reader:I See a Green HorseAs you know, students often need resources that they can reference for accuracy in writing and reading. I also created a set of 8 posters to be displayed in the classroom in conjunction with this activity. Each poster prominently displays a color word and a picture which is the same as the clip art used throughout the booklet. I colored each of my posters to match the featured word and mounted them on 9"x12" construction paper in the corresponding color.

This was a super-fun, interactive experience for my students. The best part was that all children had a new book that they can easily read when the project was finished. We stored the completed books in the students' book boxes. I often saw my kinders revisiting the booklets during our Daily 5 time.

 You can purchase the Color Word Interactive Farm Book & Poster Set at Teachers Pay Teachers  or Teachers Notebook for $4.00. Click a link to start shopping!

interactive emergent reader and poster set to teach color words, $4
Great posters and emergent reader for teaching color words, $4

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  1. Stopping by to say hi! Your color book is so adorable -- I can't wait to look around!
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