Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Fruity Fun with Color Words

I was still feeling lots of love for color words and had some adorable art from Scrappin Doodles that went perfectly with a color word unit. I created a brand new "Fruity Colors" activity booklet and poster set for color words. This set has a healthy eating theme.

I really love the animal-themed book because it has a catchy song, but I think this one is also so much fun! Especially since it promotes healthy eating. Each page in the book has a predictable sentence "The (type of fruit) is (color).

Color word emergent reader and poster set
Click HERE to see this listing on Teachers Pay Teachers.

Students Unscramble Color Words

Students need to use crayons to appropriately color each word, then cut the letters apart, scramble, and glue in correct order on the corresponding booklet page. I also created a set of posters to display in the classroom. You will need to color the posters yourself, but it's a wonderful reference for students. This item is for sale on Teachers Pay Teachers - only $1.50!

I don't know about you, but I would greatly prefer to look over a few pictures than read a ton of text describing the process. This is for all you visual learners (like me)!

Students fill each color word with matching crayons

Color word emergent reader and poster set

I pre-assembled the books. This just shows how pieces coordinate.

Color word emergent reader and poster set

Students cut letter apart and mix them up

Color word emergent reader and poster set

Glue each letter into the booklet in correct order. Repeat the process for each of the 8 basic colors.

Color word emergent reader and poster set

The booklet is fabulous, but it only offers one chance to mix letters up and unscramble in the proper order. So, I use these during our color word study.

Punch out die-cut letters of color words and attach magnets to the back.

Color word emergent reader and poster set

To create, laminate 8 sheets of colored construction paper (1 each of the 8 basic colors). Then use a die-cut machine to punch out the letters for spelling each word. Stick small magnets onto the back of each letter and you're good to go!

At the beginning of the study, these magnetic letters always start on my big teacher whiteboard for students to unscramble when they finish assignments in class. After a few days I typically transfer the letters onto smaller personal magnet boards so my students can take the board to their seats to spell!

I've used this set of letters for 3 years and they're still in excellent shape. Thank goodness for laminating machines!


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