Friday, April 6, 2012

Stocking Up on Classroom Supplies

I ventured out to do some serious shopping today and BOY did I clean up! I found some fabulous new materials for my classroom library and since I had so many comments on my classroom library post, I couldn't wait to share my newest goodies with you! I had to rely on my iPhone camera for all of these pics and the color of all of them is slightly off.

 I think cute reading chairs are a great idea, but the clutter bring into the classroom makes me want to scream. I DESPISE clutter. With a passion. I found these cute seat cushions for $3.00 each at Christmas Tree Shops , and they are a great seating alternative to fun chairs. They can stack neatly in a little nook when not in use, and 5 lucky students will have a more comfy reading experience during Daily 5 time. Plus, their bright pink color matches my classroom decor perfectly! There was 1 teal cushion at the store near me. It was adorable, but I couldn't buy just one teal and all the rest pink.

Use inexpensive chair cushions as classroom carpet seating

 Next stop, fiVeBELoW. These are some of the same baskets I have in my library. Mine are a bright neon colors, these are pastel, but they're such a bargain. All of these cost $5 or less. The smaller ones are considerably less than $5. I'm hoping they have these colors for spring and will bring my bright baskets back this summer!

Cute buns for classroom storage

I also stopped into Hobby Lobby today. They had pink, blue, and green baskets in bright colors. The magazine boxes were only $2.50 each. The blue baskets were my favorite, so I grabbed quick picture of these. All of these sizes were also available in bright pink and bright green.

Brightly colored scrapbook paper

Remember how I said that I "cleaned up?" Well, I didn't buy any baskets. I bought the cushions, but I also bought a ton of cardstock. I already use a lot of bright colors in my classroom, but I hate how much construction paper fades throughout the year. The bulletin boards in my classroom stay up all year long. I use Fadeless paper so the background stays fabulous, but the items I place on the boards with construction paper fade so much. I have decided that next year I will use cardstock for mounting all of these items. Jo-Ann and Hobby Lobby were having huge scrapbook paper sales. I bought several cardstock packs in all my favorite bright colors as well as a "stack" of scrapbook papers in bright polka dots, ginghams and solids.

Is it weird that I'm already excited for next year so that I can start redecorating my classroom with my fabulous papers that will stay vibrant?

Can't wait to see what tomorrow has in store for my Spring Break!


  1. I use material on the bulletin boards that stay up all year. It doesn't fade and you can find beautiful colors!

  2. I used material on my meeting (circle) board. It costs more than the paper but well worth the investment. I bought the cheapiest solid color material from Wal-mart when they still sold material. I have used the same material for 7 years and it still looks like new. I attached it to a marker board that I wasn't using with hot glue and velcro and it stays put. I was very pleased with it.


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