Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Hands-On Measurement FREEBIE for Kindergarten

My kinders are learning about measurement this week. Today we were working on the Common Core standard K.MD.2 to describe and compare measurable attributes. If you're a follower of the blog, you'll know that I LOVE hands-on learning, but I also need to CHECK my students work to be certain that they grasped the concept. So, I created this fun activity page on comparing measurements for my students.

Comparing measurement freebie

This was SUCH an easy activity for them. All students received one copy of the worksheet and strips of 1"x6" construction paper in 5 different colors. To complete the activity, my kindergarteners cut each strip into 2 parts (that were NOT equal). The 2 pieces were then compared and glued onto the appropriate side of the chart (shorter or longer). Easy right?!? It was also super-easy to check. And let's face it, we all love to quickly get through that stack of papers to check during these last few weeks of school.

The finished product

comparing measurement freebie

You can download a FREE Shorter and Longer comparing measurements page from my TpT store. It's a great first step as you begin a measurement unit in your classroom. Enjoy!


  1. Putting this in my files for next year! Thanks for sharing!!

    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  2. Aww so sad that we did this last week. This would have been adorable!! Downloading it for next year ;)

    Jessica Stanford

    1. Better late than never. Good thing we have next year to look forward to!

  3. what an easy idea!!! THANX

  4. Found you through Manic Monday. Happy Summer! Come by when you get a chance!

    Waving from The Teacher's Chatterbox,

  5. Great idea!! And love the ease of it!! Thanks for sharing!
    Rowdy in Room 300

  6. This is great! Thank you!


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