Tuesday, August 28, 2012

1 Down...179 to go!

Well, I survived my first day of school. Actually, it was a pretty great day. Twelve students were present today and NOT A SINGLE TEAR WAS SHED. Actually, that's not completely true. I saw a few moms with glistening eyes (it's always worse for the moms), but I was so proud of my brave little kinders.

I have been working like a maniac for the past two weeks to get everything ready and perfect for them. And of course (since I'm Maria) setting up a normal classroom just wasn't enough. I have decided to enter the Schoolgirl Style Challenge. Which meant LOTS of work.

I'm pretty tight with the school custodian and he has been so incredibly helpful during the past two weeks. Especially during the past two days. The poor guy just couldn't escape my classroom. I've had him drilling holes into the ceiling, hanging banners, and God only knows what else. Last Friday I decided to spray paint some furniture and he was the one who got me all set up and ready to go. This morning I arrived at school around 6:50 and walked in to find him re-installing all the hardware on my newly painted sunshine yellow file cabinets. One of them was a real pain in the you-know where. It has 16 drawers and is such a beast. He worked on it for over an hour just so it would be ready for my kinder-friends this morning. I can't wait to share photos of my new and improved classroom, but you'll have to wait just a bit longer. I PROMISE they're coming.

In the meantime, check out this super-yummie treat I received as a back to school gift from one of my students. If only these were as healthy as actual apples....

Here's hoping for another tear-free day tomorrow!


  1. Does that mean you have 12 students? I think the only one that was crying in my class could have been me with 27 students! Happy to hear you had a tear free day.

    1. I have 15 this year, but 3 were absent today. 27 is such a big class. I would definitely be in tears. You must have been completely exhausted!

  2. what a sweet gift. Those look yummy!


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