Friday, August 17, 2012

Prayer Assessment (& Freebie)

Tonight I have a great assessment resource for my friends that teach in Catholic schools (like me!) At my school, kindergarten students are assessed on their ability to recite common prayers. I created a very simple assessment sheet to help track each child's prayer knowledge throughout the year. I make one copy for each child's records and use a different colored pen/pencil to mark the sheet every time I do an assessment.

Here is what the form looks like midway into the school year:

I use a different colored pen or pencil every time I do an assessment - I record the date at the top of the form.

After recording the date, I fill out the form as if it were a simplified running record. I underline each word of the prayer that the student knows. I prompt as necessary when a student gets stuck, but any words I provide do not get underlined since they did not come from the student. The different colors are helpful for illustrating growth over time.

As you can see in the Our Father prayer in the above photo, this student finally mastered the prayer on the date I used the light blue pen.

Early in the year, I usually only test on the Our Father and Hail Mary. As the year progresses, I simply grab a new pen color, retest on a prayer that was not mastered previously, then expand my assessment to include the Angel of God and Grace Before Meals.

If you do prayer assessments in your classroom, you can download my prayer assessment. Just click the image below to download. 

What additional Religion skills/concepts do you assess in your own classroom?


  1. Great idea. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I will use this my own two children! Thanks!

  3. We assess the Hail Mary, Our Father, Angel of God, Prayer before Meals and the Glory Be. It is such a happy day when everyone has recited their prayers independently!

    1. I completely agree! I'm very lucky this year... so far all of my students know every prayer that I have assessed :)


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