Saturday, September 29, 2012

Become a Facebook Fan for Exclusive Freebies

Are you a Kinder-Craze fan on Facebook yet? If not, you are missing out on an exclusive chance to score some great freebies from me.

I've been developing several new products in the past month and my Facebook fans that are online at the time of completion get a heads-up when the new products are uploaded. Lately, I've been playing a little game with my fans and offering the new items as a FLASH FREEBIE on Teachers Pay Teachers. I call it a "flash" freebie because the offer lasts for 15 minutes or less. Want to cash in on the fun? Become a Kinder-Craze Facebook Fan!

Wondering what you've been missing?
 Kinder-Craze Facebook Fans have enjoyed these exclusive freebies:

Each of these products is an emergent reader booklet that's just right for kinders. Students cut out the letters, unscramble, and glue them in the correct order onto each page of the book. All of the readers feature a predictable sentence and pictures to support the text. These (and many more great items) can also be found on Teachers Pay Teachers and Teachers Notebook

I hope to see you on Facebook!


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