Monday, November 26, 2012

Interactive Sight Word Practice and Christmas Preparations

With Thanksgiving behind us, I am going full steam ahead toward Christmas. I love this time of year - especially in my Kindergarten classroom. We have so much fun decorating, celebrating, performing, and waiting that the suspense continues to build all through the month of December.

Of course, we can't forget about curriculum just because it is holiday season. Sight Word Mastery continues to be a significant focus of my instruction and my kinders have been LOVING the interactive books I created to help them learn their sight words in a hands-on way (and practice reading!)

If you're a Kinder-Craze Facebook Fan, you probably know ALL about my Interactive Sight Word Readers (and may have even scored a few free books along the way. I have gotten a LOT of positive feedback for these little books and am producing new ones as quickly as I can. I thought it was time to fill all of you beloved blog readers in on the Interactive Readers and show you what they're all about.

I made SEVERAL holiday-themed sight word readers that feature a variety of sight words so you can select the ones that fit your current instructional focus. I am in love with my "Do you See Santa?" book and I'm thrilled to introduce you to it.
"Do you see Santa" emergent reader for sight word practice, $1

The practice begins with the cover page - the featured sight word is shows in big clear print for students to color. 
cut and glue sight word letters to complete a sentence

For each page of the booklet, students will cut out and unscramble letters for the featured sight word (this book's sight word is "Do")
interactive practice for sight word "do" - cut and glue into each page of the booklet

The next step is to glue the letters (this is a great opportunity for students to pay attention to the letters and make sure they are not upside down!)
cut and glue "do" into each sentence - interactive sight word practice

All pages of the book have a predictable sentence that is repeated on each page 
(in this case: "Do you see___?") The last page always has an extra challenge or fun twist in the words. 
All pages - finished and ready to be stapled into a booklet!
students cut and paste "do" to complete each sentenceinteractive practice for sight word "do"

The best part...

The best part, all of my Interactive Sight Word Readers sell for only $1 each! You can find these holiday-themed Interactive Sight Word Readers on sale today at Teachers Pay Teachers or Teachers Notebook. 
holiday-themed Interactive Sight Word Readers, only $1 each

And because I have a soft-spot for teachers in Catholic and Christian schools, I'm offering my "Who Is With Baby Jesus?" Interactive Sight Word Reader for FREE! Click the image below to download.
FREE nativity sight word reader

One last thing, just because I'm so excited...

My classroom Christmas tree is now decorated! Of course the ornaments and lights match my bright classroom color scheme.
decorate a Christmas tree in your classroom


  1. I love your books. My students love them, too which is even better. It makes for a great independent center. I can't wait to see your other creations. Perhaps, some winter based ones.

    1. I'll see what I can do to create some winter-themed books!

  2. Those sight word books look wonderful! Great job! :)

    Miss. Whimsy's Blog

  3. Love your books! My class is having fun working on them! and I Love your tree! :)
    Crayons and Curls


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