Thursday, November 8, 2012

Thanksgiving Card Template Freebie

November is always a crazy month in my classroom. It flies by and is packed with lots of responsibilities and special events: conferences, kindergarten testing, a long weekend break to celebrate Thanksgiving, rehearsing for our class Christmas program.... the list is endless!

We always take time during this very busy month to make Thanksgiving cards for our 7th Grade Buddies. These cute cards are so simple because they feature the traditional handprint turkey, but we glue a few feathers onto the card to give it a little extra flair.
FREE template to make a cute handprint turkey card

I know how crazy-busy all of YOU are during the month of November too, so I created a simple template for you to use in your own classroom. Simply print on construction paper, trace student hands and let them decorate. It's so simple and the best part is: you can download the template for FREE!
FREE tempalte to create a cute handprint turkey card
add real feathers to a turkey handprint for a little fun flair

Gobble, Gobble!

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