Wednesday, March 27, 2013

FREE Easter Treat Labels

Today was my last day with my kinders until after Easter. I wanted to give them a little something special as a treat, but I couldn't bear to give them candy. The Easter Bunny always brings so much candy into their homes. Wanting to do something special, I gave each child a brand new container of play dough. AND I let them play with it in class.

Coolest teacher ever, right?
(OK, so maybe that doesn't make me the coolest teacher ever, but my kids sure loved it.)

FREE "Hoppy Easter" labels - adorable!

I have an Easter treat for you as well! You can download these FREE labels to attach to your own class Easter treat. I like to keep things SIMPLE, so these are formatted to print on Avery 5163 labels. Simply print, peel, and stick to the wrapped treat or trinket of your choice. If you don't share my obsession with label stickers, just print on paper or cardstock and attach to your treat with tape or ribbon.

Ready for your freebie? Just click the image below to download.
FREE "Hoppy Easter" labels - adorable!

Have a blessed Easter!


  1. Very cute Maria ! Have a wonderful, blessed Easter:)

  2. Thanks Maria, these are just darling! Love them.

  3. Thank you!! These are perfect for a small treat. Thanks so much for sharing!
    K Teacher - NC

  4. Hi Maria,

    These are simply ADORABLE! Thanks so much.

    First Grade Schoolhouse

  5. Super cute gift and tags! I like to give play dough rather than candy to kids too.
    Conversations in Literacy

  6. Super cute and sweet of you to share. Glad I found you over on Freebie-Licious!

    The Resourceful Apple

  7. These are adorable! Thank you for sharing! And, yes, coolest teacher ever for giving play-doh AND letting them play with it.

    Lovin’ Kindergarten


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