Monday, March 11, 2013

Rainbow Wind Socks Revisited

This week I am filled with warm, fuzzy feelings of nostalgia and awe. You know how kids get SO excited for their birthdays? They wait and wait and wait and FINALLY it arrives and (as far as they're concerned) it's the greatest day ever and the whole world is revolving around them. Well, that's a little taste of how I'm feeling this week.

Not about MY birthday.
(I have discovered that after 30 birthdays begin to lose their luster.)

No, I'm excited about my BLOG'S birthday. That's right! Kinder-Craze will officially be 1 year old this Wednesday. It has been such an exciting year and I have some fun things planned to share with you (including a very fabulous giveaway!)

But right now, I am living in nostalgia and anticipation.

I recently scrolled back to my earliest posts... way back when I was happy to have 6 followers and I referred to Kinder-Craze as my "lil' baby blog." The first project idea I shared was of Rainbow Windsocks. When I looked back at that post, I was simultaneously filled with pride and a little bit of horror at the opening photo for the post.

Spring will be here soon, St. Patrick's day is once again just around the corner, and I have recently decked out my classroom with the same wonderful windsocks. This time I had a better camera on-hand so I treated myself to a little bit of memory-filled fun recreating one of my first blog posts. Without more adieu, I bring you Rainbow Windsocks Version 2.0!

bright rainbow windsock tutorial for St. Patrick's Day

Rainbow Windsocks Version 2.0

The basics of this project are very simple. Students paint a rainbow onto traced arches on a 12x18" sheet of white construction paper. Once the paint is dry, join the paper edges to form a cylinder and secure closed with 4-5 staples along the seam. Staple crepe paper streamers in ROYGBV order around the bottom rim of the windsock and hang with fishing line. 

Rainbow windsocks with crepe paper streamers - so cute for Spring!

Rainbow windsocks with crepe paper streamers - so cute for Spring!

Getting Started

Use an old folder to create a template. Keep the folder folded, start at the seam, and draw half-arches with a pencil that extend outward from the lower left-hand corner, spaced about 1" apart. Use scissors to cut along each of the drawn arches. Open the folder, place it atop a white sheet of 12x18" white construction paper, and trace! 

Students used foam brushes to speed the painting process along (and save this busy teacher the task of cleaning up!)
directions for cute painted rainbows in a kindergarten classroom

The Finished Product

How beautiful are these finished windsocks? I love that the rainbow decor coordinates with St. Patrick's Day and can last right through Spring! 

Rainbow windsocks with crepe paper streamers - so cute for Spring in a kindergarten classroom!

If you're dying for a comparison to last year's topic, you can find read the original Rainbow Windsocks blog post. The photos are a little rough, but it's a good source for a few additional tips and tricks.

Birthday Fun

Don't forget to stop back at the blog later this week. I have more fun planned... including a huge GIVEAWAY in honor of my bloggy birthday! I look forward to seeing you later this week!


  1. Happy blog a versary !!!! Love reading all your posts.....I will sound like a broken record but I am heading to the States tomorrow for a little holiday (our spring break) and I am still wondering about the contact you buy it in a roll or individual sheets...where do you usually buy it ? Thanks and have fun celebrating your 'baby' !!!

  2. Version 2 is wonderful and so cheery!!! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Bless you! I don't know if I'm ready to have ALL of my kinders painting like that at the same time! I LOVE the tip about making the template. Thanks!

    The Kindergarten Pod

  4. Those rainbow wind socks are so much fun! They just scream springtime fun! Thanks for sharing and happy early bloggy birthday! I just love reading about all the fun you have!


  5. The windsocks are fabulous! I would LOVE something so bright and cheerful in my room.

    I'm your newest follower and I'd love if you followed me too!

    The Littlest Scholars

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  7. I love these! So cute. I may have to do these for Open House!


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