Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Discover God's Creation for Earth Day {Freebie}

I have decided to go beyond Earth Day and celebrate Earth WEEK in my classroom. This Friday, our school will wrap up our weeklong celebration with a special prayer service to thank the Lord for His beautiful creation. I was inspired to write "God Gave Us the Earth" (a FREE Interactive Sight Word Reader) to teach my students the story of Creation (all seven days) and help them learn to spell "God". This book is also great because it introduces those tricky ordinal number words (first, second, third, etc).

Download  your FREE copy of "God Gave Us the Earth" from my TpT store.
FREE Emergent Reader to teach the story of Creation. Great for EARTH DAY!

More Freebies for Religion Teachers

I love making Religion resources to share that are FREE and I'm not the only one.. there's a whole blog of free resources for lower elementary Religion teachers called Faith Filled Freebies. I have found some wonderful gems on the sight. If you teach in a private Christian school (or Sunday School) you will definitely want to check it out!
Faith Filled Freebies

Wishing you a very blessed Earth WEEK!


  1. You're wonderful! A Mary one would be cool for May! I would buy all of these religious ones - you are very kind to give them for free.

    Thanks very much! Michelle

  2. Just perfect! Thank you for sharing your creations.

  3. Thank you for this! I will do it with my son!

  4. Another wonderful resource! Thank you so much!

  5. May God bless you many times over for sharing these wonderful resources for free. Love it!


  6. Thank you! My mother-in-law will love this for her Religious Ed class. Adorable! Thanks again so very much for sharing!

  7. Very happy you shared the religious resources blog! :) This will be great when I teach my bible class to my little kinders!

    Cheers To School


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